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Monthly Archives: December 2010

17:41 < shortcircuit> Today is a real Monday.
17:41 < shortcircuit> In every negative sense I know of.
17:52 < tyrok> Well, at least if it’s an even number of negatives, it still comes out okay.  It’s those days with odd numbers of negatives that are trouble.
17:54 < shortcircuit> It’s more complex than that. 🙂
18:01 < brousch> you should make it ‘metallica monday’ like i did. it makes the day livable
18:02 < tyrok> shortcircuit: Oh, so now you’re taking square roots of your day outcomes?  Really, I’d have thought you could ignore the imaginary part for our purposes.  🙂
18:02 < shortcircuit> Hey, I need to get to the root of my problems, don’t I?
18:03 < tyrok> Not in any real sense.  🙂
18:03 < brousch> the groans per minute in here is getting out of hand