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Tag Archives: puns

< mrjester> In Bind-ese, is this valid?  zone “” {
< jima> that seems valid enough
< _ruben> it’s not .. unmatched curly bracket
* jima gives _ruben a wedgie
< jima> also, “brace”
* mikemol braces himself. {mikemol}
< jima> 😀
< jima> thank you, i half expected someone to go there.
< _ruben> i had my braces removed ages ago
< mrjester> It accepted it..
< mrjester> Now, does it work.
< mikemol> jima: Now brace yourself.
< jima> {jima}
< _ruben> No, it’s collecting welfare instead
< mrjester> sweet.
< mikemol> Fail. It’s {yourself}.
* jima larts mikemol
< mikemol> What, don’t like being punnished?
< jima> you must not know me well.
< mikemol> Well, I know you better than you know {yourself}…
< mrjester> C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER
< mikemol> Game aborted. Break received.
< mikemol> Restarting…
< mikemol> You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
< mrjester> north
< mikemol> You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
< mrjester> look up
< mikemol> You see the ceiling.
< mrjester> crush the braces
< mikemol> You can’t do that.
< mikemol> /help for help
< mrjester> lol
< mikemol> /quit to exit.
< mrjester>   /quit
< mrjester>  /bug Game doesn’t support IPv6
< Xenith> /die

17:41 < shortcircuit> Today is a real Monday.
17:41 < shortcircuit> In every negative sense I know of.
17:52 < tyrok> Well, at least if it’s an even number of negatives, it still comes out okay.  It’s those days with odd numbers of negatives that are trouble.
17:54 < shortcircuit> It’s more complex than that. 🙂
18:01 < brousch> you should make it ‘metallica monday’ like i did. it makes the day livable
18:02 < tyrok> shortcircuit: Oh, so now you’re taking square roots of your day outcomes?  Really, I’d have thought you could ignore the imaginary part for our purposes.  🙂
18:02 < shortcircuit> Hey, I need to get to the root of my problems, don’t I?
18:03 < tyrok> Not in any real sense.  🙂
18:03 < brousch> the groans per minute in here is getting out of hand

17:52 < shortcircuit> Oh boy, I think I’m in for it.
17:52 < shortcircuit> My sense of humor is just awful today.
17:52 < slestak> and this is different *how*?
17:53 < slestak> 🙂
17:53 < shortcircuit> Well, day got pissed this time.
17:53 < slestak> oops
17:53 < shortcircuit> “awful today” -> “awful to day”
17:54 < slestak> pure offal
17:54 < shortcircuit> As in, being mean to an entity named ‘day’.
17:54 < shortcircuit> It’s that kind of weird 2-3 step mutation that my humor’s settled on.
17:54 < shortcircuit> Hopefully something else comes along and provides evidence of a prior land claim.
17:55 < slestak> could be a centuries long holy war
17:55 < shortcircuit> My humor needs to convert or die.
17:57 < slestak> the Spanglish Inquisition
17:57 < shortcircuit> …I didn’t expect that.

20:30 < brousch> i am a fan of ubuntu server
20:33 < shortcircuit> brousch keeps it cool.
20:34 < tyrok_laptop> Aargh.
20:36 < brousch> groan
20:36 < brousch> it took me 3 minutes to get that one