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So, Sunday, I got Rosetta Code moved from its old VPS to its new VPS. Three substantive changes:

  • The server is now accessible via IPv6. This was mostly brought about by configuration changes.
  • It’s now running on Debian Lenny, instead of Ubuntu 10.04.
  • The vast majority of the PHP code load has been updated to reflect newer versions of software.

I’m most pleased at the Squid cache’s performance. Out of 139,566 requests on Monday, 95,726 were TCP_MEM_HITs, 15,529 were TCP_MISSes, 10,036 were TCP_IMS_HITs, 7,419 were TCP_HITs, 6,889 were TCP_REFRESH_UNMODIFIED, 2,873 were TCP_CLIENT_REFRESH_MISS and 1,093 were TCP_REFRESH_MODIFIED. All in all, that means roughly 81% of client page requests never got past Squid to Apache+mod_php. 68% of those requests caught were satisfied by data Squid still had cached in RAM.

In short, I’m vastly underutilizing this server. I need to start looking at network throughput data and figure out if I can migrate to a smaller, cheaper VPS. is planning doubling RAM, CPU and disk offerings at no cost increase, but I don’t know if they’re doubling network quotas ¬†as well.